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Monday, October 11, 2010

Generation Next Summit - Visionaries Under 40

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Hi there everyone!!

I’m so glad you’re reading this...

I want to personally invite you to a virtual summit that I’ll be speaking at called the GNXT Summit. It’s coming up soon... This Tuesday, Oct. 12th through to the 21st.  I’m speaking on Thursday the 14th.

Register now at:
(Audio downloads are available if you miss any of the calls)

This F*R*E*E 2 week summit is devoted to Gen Y, Gen X Empowerment and Leadership with a team of expert GNXT mentors who will share their wisdom in spirituality, entrepreneurship, wellness and creativity.

With the GNXT social forum you can build enlightened alliances and learn strategies to live holistically while being equipped to bring your next passion project to life. And if you are not sure what positive impact you want to impart on the world...there will be a ton of inspiration to expand your possibilities!

Regardless of your age, everyone is invited to connect with these powerful GNXT Mentors and expand your database of young, innovative leaders.

I personally struggled with my passion project for years until I made a commitment to learn from others wisdom and build my conscious network. And you know what I discovered? (Listen up, this is really exciting) Just one strong mentor can completely transform your results. Yes… just one and during GNXT summit you’ll get dozens!

So join me and expand YOUR conscious network!

You can get all the details and register here

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. My friend, Dewi Maile Lim, will be hosting this from Hawaii!!

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