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Saturday, October 15, 2016


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“This story began five years ago; took a funky idea and began to roll”
Behold – Hold your vows and values tight at night; accept the circumstances of life

Get this, you got this; this is it!
Of course our horse is not a unicorn, yet
Our heart farts like a horn since we were born
Like a flying dragon breathing fire, your sire and esquire
We must learn the rules like a professional and break them like an artist
I plagiarized this with misfits, the New Kids, and even Beatrice
This the nexus, you own this; now check this—you’re it

Get this, you got this; this is it!
Forget get-rich-quick, but here’s a quick fix tip to clear your fears
It’s not your IQ, but your EQ; Star trek’s Q knew
That’s cue for you to move down the queue, hew, phew, got some Mountain Dew?
Anew: Let’s put some IP into your IV by DIY without IT
Say Aye, please; EIEIO
Hear, Hear; there, there; anywhere

Get this, you got this; this is it!
It’s easy-peasy, so let’s chip-chop this teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, flim-flam
Zip, Zap, Zop; Yes, AND… My friend, Make love your goal
Find a game in the scene and be on top of it
No need for loonies or toonies; just lend me your ear
Binge a tinge on the hinge of this cringe like the fringe

Get this, you got this; this is it!

Presence 2.0
The 12 Be's of Being

So sleepy, weepy, please tittle tattle and we’ll be even Steven; okey dokey smokey?
Say Cheese, please… Smile; ‘cause resistance is futile; {laugh}
This occasion is to give you a standing ovation!
By the way, my name is Astonishing Danish
Let’s love the world together… Bye Bye Butterfly

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