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Monday, September 7, 2015

VIDEO: How To Explain Everything!

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Hey there everyone!!

There are two rules for success... 1 Never reveal everything you know.Do you believe the title?

Some people are very skeptical, and naturally so.

Other people are downright cynical, waiting for the sales pitch.

Another Paradox?

When you know too much psychology, you can't get mad....On one hand, it seems impossible. On the other hand, when some people see the length of the video to be thirty minutes, and think it's way too much! They don't have the time for it.

What, some people want an instant explanation of everything now, whereas before, they didn't even think it was possible?

It's like the guy complaining about microwaving popcorn for two minutes, because the package said “Instant”.

'I pushed the popcorn button but there isn't any in there.'It's human nature. It's like that voice in your head wondering when I'm gong to get the real juice...

We Have So Many Choices

Everyday we have a choice...The depth of personal development and spiritual teachings is never-ending. Just this month I learned about Consciousness Hacking, the Consciousness Explorer's Club, and The Finder's Course. There's also a great film called The 5 Gateways to Consciousness (remastered in 2015).

I may need to revise my list of the top personal development programs of all time!

The Avatar Course

My most recent favorite is The Avatar Course. Harry Palmer begins to explain everything like this...

thinkactparadoxTo explain everything, we need a good paradigm.

A paradigm is a way of structuring data so that people can understand you better.

It's a storytelling tool.

Paradigms are created to bridge unknowns.

“So this”, “So this”, “So probably that”.

Paradigms are organized word lessons built of data and conjecture.

The paradigm that I'm going to show you will help you structure the history and evolution of life.

The Power of Metaphors

Metaphysical Map - Why You Are Here...You can superimpose this paradigm on consciousness, personal development, human evolution, societies, spiritual paths, governments, religions, and just about anything--and it will reveal new insights.

If there's some philosophic or metaphysical subject that you want to know more about, just start structuring what you know, with this paradigm, and more will be revealed.

So what's this paradigm? Watch the full video on How to Explain Everything by pressing the Play button. You have time for everything.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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