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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Beginnings

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Endings are the seeds to beginnings,
It's not about the happy ending... It's about the story.Tomorrow will come in time,
Even in hopelessness lies a seed of hope,
And even a small seed can climb.

But the little seed has to give up its past,
On its voyage to the sprouting tree,
Didn’t you ever transcend your life,
Previous visions of who you could be?

Every cloud opens up to the smiling sun,
And the low will soon reach high tide,
Exits and entrances are at the same gate,
Moving through what was your ticket to pride.

Two triangles have to surrender themselves,
To ever make it to the square,
And every simple discovery in life
Makes you give up what you thought was there.

Little choices build big character,
Tomorrow’s pearls are grains of sand today,
Hear the whispers of strong seeds beginning,
Through the sounds of fading endings going on to better ways.

Caterpillars will someday butterfly off the ground,
You have to give up your youth to be king,
Horses run best by not looking back,
And the trapeze artist has to let go to grab a higher hold on things.

Yes, you have to give up your known discomfort
In order to soar in flight,
But isn’t the end of something wrong,
Always something that’s got to be right?

You stand at the spot where endings and beginnings meet,
Deciding your fate handcuffed by the past or free,
One path will take you to the place you have been,
The other path is the seed to lift you to where you could be.

So pick yourself up like the rising sun,
Like the wind lifting the silent sea,
But hope in your heart like a seedling in spring,
And step forward to a new destiny.

That's a poem written anonymously (taken Tony Robbins’ PowerTalk! in 2003).

I Love You PoemOne of the missions of Ordinary Words Inc., is to show that personal growth doesn’t just happen from listening to motivational speakers or reading self-help books. In fact, messages of hope, faith and courage can be found in art, music, drama, and our everyday culture. We all have different creative outlets - and inspiration can penetrate through just about any medium!

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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