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Monday, February 23, 2015

Empowerment, Resilience & Faith

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Hey there everyone!!

Personal Development DefinitionWe're were going through our databases to find awesome speakers (and entertainers) for our next Real Wealth Mastermind Event.

Simply, we chose the path of least resistance and selected the first three who made a commitment, not knowing what there topic or areas of expertise would be. (We already know that our database has a certain standard of quality.)

Our topics are going to be on Empowerment, Resilience, and Faith. Serendipitously, these fit so well together, and all three are needed for long-term success.

Order of the three is key.

1. It Begins with Empowerment

Revealing Your Feelings is the Beginning of HealingWhat good is it to keep doing something that isn't working? That's the definition of insanity!

Yet many people try to employ qualities of resilience and faith on tools and strategies that just won't work. Sometimes is out of naivety, immaturity, laziness, or (now that you will understand it) forgetfulness.

The foundation of personal development and growth comes from the understanding that different things empower different people.

What empowers you? What makes you feel good? What has you do what's good for you? And what has you live into a vision of a greater good for all?

2. Resilience is an On-Going Process

You may be in a touch time, but that setback is simply a setup for a greater comback.It's not necessarily a huge challenger that will take us off coarse. It's the mundane day-to-day hardships that will wear us down emotionally over time. While our sound empowering tools and strategies work most of the time, sometimes they may not. Commitment, perseverance, practice and patience are helpful, but those are also just empowering tools.

Part of the coarse (inevitably) is rejection and failure which causes involuntary human emotional reactions. Only experience through resilience can deal with that. Napoleon Bonaparte said the greatest virtue of a solder is not loyalty and it is not courage—it is endurance.

3. It All Comes Down to Faith

Take pride in how far you`ve come and have faith in how far you can go.I wrote an article about faith twelve years ago, and thought I had a lot of faith back then. Maybe, in some perspectives I did. But I see now that that was more like vision.

It's easy to employ so-called faith when everything is going well. But is that really faith? I have worked for eighteen years building a personal development architecture that could cope with any adversities. But that's just resilience.

The shell must break BEFORE the bird can fly.It wasn't until my big breakdown last year where my whole house of cards came tumbling down. When all our beliefs are challenged simultaneously, and the reasons for us continuing seem to have vanished, and everything we've built our character upon seems like a lie or an illusion—that's when know know what faith really is.

Join us at our next Real Wealth Mastermind event, where experts on Empowerment, Resilience and Faith will share much more passionately, and much more thoroughly.

Here are The Experts

Empowerment Expert, Daniel Rutley, focuses on the present, providing a systematic method to solving our most common emotional, relationship, and behavioral problems.

Resilience Expert, Emmanuel Lopez, helps people manage unexpected change, crisis, and adversities in their business, workplace, career and life through films and movie heroes that motivate.

Faith Expert, Gary Gradley, has “On Purpose People Perform”, a values-based training and development organization committed to making significant contributions to the lives of individuals and corporations.

Click on the image below to attend our Real Wealth Mastermind event.

Real Wealth Mastermind event - Empowerment, Resilience & Faith

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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