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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phrases in my Head

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Hey there everyone!!

Affirmations have value, and incantations (charged with emotional/spiritual energy) are even more powerful. What I’ve come to find most beneficial, are vivid memories of magic moments throughout my life.

Imagine to CreateThere’s a phrase that someone else says (perhaps from a conversation, song, or movie) that we could completely recreate with our imagination. Beyond the audio and visual, there’s an energetic sense of recreating that moment in the present. Feelings surge back from the past, and the more we remember, the more intense the feelings become. This can send chills down our spine, teleport our consciousness, and refuel our soul to take on the world once more.

For me, such phrases have usually been spoken by professional speakers (either live or on cassette tape [equivalent to today's mp3-player for you youngsters] ). Here are a few examples.

Minister Mark Gorman Dream Quote“And Joseph had a dream.”

This was from my favorite speech by Minister Mark Gorman. When I get rejected, this phrase plays in my head, reminding me of my vision, purpose, and commitment. It puts my eyes back on the prize.

Les Brown - Land On Your Back!“It’s hard.”

When I get lost (literally) and can’t find my way to a new address, especially in the midst of winter, this phrase plays in my head. It’s a popular keynote by motivational speaker, Les Brown, called It’s Not Over Until I Win. It has me feel that I’m still on the right path.

Anthony Robbins Changes Beliefs“Haven’t you made it through the tough times?”

Anthony Robbins is genius at asking the right questions. In moments of despair when I want to give up, this memory invokes other memories of life being even tougher. It puts a smile on my face as the follow-up phrase plays, “And you’re still standing...I bet still smiling every now and again.”

Emilio Zarris is Going to Make It!“I’m going to make it!”

This is from a musical that I co-produced (adding even more richness to the memory). The words sung by Emilio Zarris have tears rolling down my eyes on occasion, as it triggers a multitude of memories for every single time I’ve ever heard that song. Singing it (albeit off key), presents me to my destiny.

“People need to hear your story.”

The toughest times require us to think bigger than ourselves. Amway Diamond, George Halsey’s voice and chuckle is so clear in my head that it feels like he’s talking specifically to me. Interestingly, George was inspired by knowing that others needed to hear his story. This gets me to appreciate the cycle of life.

Hulk Hogan Quote“Your energy comes from your dream.”

I’m not too sure who said this, but it doesn’t really matter. As I’m tired or feel defeated, I see world-championship wrestler, Hulk Hogan, getting punched repeatedly and almost being knocked out. Then, of course, he gets right up (to win) and I feel like getting up again, one more time, as I play a bigger dream.

Your life, your way.What are the reoccurring phrases in your head? Do they empower you? If you don’t have any reoccurring phrases in your head, why not think back throughout your past and select some now?

This is your life, your way.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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