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Sunday, September 1, 2013

How To Create Something New

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When are we happy?Hey there everyone!!

Have you ever been stuck trying to come up with something new? How can we force ourselves to have a thought that we have never had before? What does it take to get the creative juices flowing to create something innovative and visionary?

Are you ready to listen? 1. Find Something That Already Works

Look around. Observe what is. Others have already created lots of innovation that you can simply copy. What are you noticing that you like?

I noticed that there was a whole revolution of “visual” quotes popping up on the Internet and in social media. Sure, text quotes have been around for ages before the Internet, but the concept of “stylizing text to professional photography” is relatively new.

Accept & Respond In Life 2. Do It Yourself / Your Own Way

Once we have discovered something that works, it is important to become proficient in it. It’s very difficult to create something new from scratch, and far easier to become good at something that is already proven.

I simply started sharing the visual quotes that I liked on my Facebook account. They were popular, people liked them, and so I continued sharing only the ones I thought were the best -- creating my own distinct brand of now “visual” ordinary words.

You are God's Reality 3. Enhance It, Modify It, Integrate It

What’s missing? What would make it better? Ask questions that would have your new talent become even better than what the masters and gurus are teaching.

I thought, why not take this concept of “visual quotes” and insert them into all my articles? Just like in this article, each section has a relevant visual quote that complements the section and adds a whole new medium of communication and understanding.

What is your Dream? 4. Promote Your Innovation

No good idea ever gets popular without people pushing it. Our innovation needs to be so “innovative” that it does create something “new” and everyone sees it as something new because we see it as something revolutionary.

Now I can’t imagine writing articles without having accompanying visuals. It makes so much sense that I’m surprised not everybody does it yet. But they will -- especially as this “visual” article gets bounced around.

Acknowledge People for Networking 5. Recruit Leaders

There’s only so much shameless self-promotion one person can do. That’s why it’s important to network and develop a team of people who believe in our cause.

Right Things @ Right TimeI connected with someone who had 300,000 followers, and got them to post some of my visual articles. Now those visual articles have some of the biggest traffic.

Share Humanity 6. Teach What You’ve Created

Most of the money is not made in X (legal, medical, education, real estate, network marketing, business), but it is in the teaching of X. So know that if we’re going to create something new, it will really leave its mark when people are teaching about it.

Sharing is a ReminderSome people hold on to secrets thinking that they are the key to their success. But the real key is to teach those secrets, so that we can all benefit collectively from the wisdom that has been manifested.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

Time Management for NetworkingP.S. Don’t just share visual quotes or inspiring articles... share this visual article and let’s take it to the next level!

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