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Sunday, August 4, 2013

What else could I possibly write about?

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Hey there everyone!!

I’m always asking myself, “What could I share with my community that I haven’t shared before?”  Are there experiences from the past that I haven’t talked about yet?  Which lessons, gems, or techniques could I impart on people that would make a significant difference?

It seems like I have talked about everything.  From life to personal development to spirituality, and to the awakening... From subjects on adversity, time management, networking, health, love, and even sex.  I've even gone against some coaching and been controversial with stuff like politics, channeling, religion, war, network marketing, scams, and conspiracy theories.  And my background in technology have contributed to even more articles, books, visuals, videos, and events that I have produced.

There must be some new nugget, some new pearl of wisdom, some humor, or at least some inspiring words still left within me!  But like so many people do, I too have come to a blank.

As I explore my consciousness and ponder some examples to share, nothing seems to make the cut.  Could this be it?  Am I at the end of my rope and have nothing left to say?

It’s the journey, not the destination that matters.  We know that, and yet we’re always looking for that magical endpoint full of the results we’ve dreamed.  But getting there has more to do with being here.

Are you guilty of the same thing?  Do you just want to jump to the moral of the story without enjoying the process of getting there?  Surely, I must have a point to all of this.  This article must come to a logical conclusion, right?

Journeys don’t end, they cycle.  As stated in the HBO television series, Six Feet Under, “There is no death -- only birth, and birth, and birth…”  We have reoccurring journeys in our lives all the time.  Since it’s all about the journey, let’s not worry about how/when/why the journey is going to end.  Rather, let us ask how we can do better in the journey the next time it cycles.  How can we be more present now?

So don’t let this article simply end.  Let it cycle into reading another article, and then another article, and then another article.  Each article you read, enjoy the process of reading it even more so, and become more effective at applying what you’re discovering and then sharing what you’re implementing.

My favorite articles that people like you have shared most are, I Know What It’s Like, Who Are You -- Really?, and I Will Change the World for You.  Check out the links below, and cycle into your next journey.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

I Know What It’s Like

Who Are You -- Really?

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