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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine’s Day - Movie, Song, App

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Hey there everyone!!

In my life, I first observed the absence of love.  I didn’t feel love from my family, from my community, from my society, or from my world.  I hated God and despised everything.

My awakening was to flip that upside down.  Rather than complaining that I didn’t receive love, I was called to share love, and have people uncover how to express more love more often.

The Movie

And so, ten years ago, we created The Love Movie, which answers the question, “What is love?” in under three minutes.  Seen by over a million people now, it has touched lives and affected many relationships.

The Song

Recently partnering with The Riverdale Kid, we produced a rock reggae song called, “Let’s love the world together...”  You can download it on iTunes or watch the lyrics video at

The App

It’s like Net Flicks for personal development, and it’s that constant stream of pick-me-up videos that can transform your life.  Check out our Weekly Featured Video at  More significantly, here is an opportunity for you to generate more income, so that you can more easily share love with those in your life (see link in the P.S.).

Ongoing Events

I’ve been asked to create the “Law of Receiving / Art of Giving” free webinar which you will get more information on in the next issue of this newsletter.  If you’re reading this on a blog or web site, you’d better subscribe to the newsletter if you want the details!  :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Please share this newsletter with those that you love in your life.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary
+1 (647) 439-5011

P.S.  Check out our Inspired Living App

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