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Friday, December 14, 2012

Love Invite, Saturday Toronto, PWYC

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Your Special Holiday Invitation:

Join me for an empowering, uplifting, and enlightening conversation about love at the Centre for Spiritual Living this Saturday at 1-4 PM.

WHEN: Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 @ 1pm
WHERE: Centre For Spiritual Living @ 1311 Queen St East (Toronto)
COST: Donation Based | PWYC | Everyone is Welcome

Join us on Saturday's at the Centre For Spiritual Living for inspiring, empowering, uplifting and enlightening Q & A sessions as Shawn Jason chats with some of Toronto’s most influential spiritual teachers, energy healers, alternative health practitioners, environmental activists, awakened artists, conscious business leaders and other passionate, positive people who are focused on helping make this city and this world a better place for us all.

Come find out what motivates and inspires these community leaders.

Learn what they are doing to help the world and how. Join Shawn as he takes a peek inside their minds and souls to explore their views, opinions, perspectives, beliefs & desires. You may even gain some personal clarity & understanding about what is happening inside yourself and in others in this seemingly crazy world. You might also leave with a soothing sense that this world is not so ‘crazy’ after all ;)

These eye opening interview / discussion sessions are like a crash course in enlightenment and personal empowerment, best suited for anyone who feels they are not yet living life to the absolute fullest.

WEEK 5 of 5 (Saturday December 15th 2012)

Shawn Jason will be chatting with these bright souls about their fields of specialty plus each person will also be asked to share with us what Dec 21 2012 means to them.


Carl Stedmond | Singer / Songwriter & Motivational Speaker
Shawn will be chatting with Carl about his inspiring journey to find out what led him to listening to his heart and following his bliss.

Danish Saood Ahmed | Blind Visionary & Entertainer
Shawn will be chatting with Danish about what 'love' really is to learn how we can all experience more of it in our every day lives.

Stephen 'Izreal' Aube | Founder of The Language Of Creation
Shawn will be chatting with Stephen about his time spent studying with the Mayans to discover what he feels might be coming on Dec 21 2012.


Carl will also perform a couple songs from his CD called "Diary Of An Uneducated Man".

Stephen will close the event with a group energy healing treatment.

All attendees are invited to stick around for an extra hour after the event to enjoy some snacks and some social time with Shawn Jason & Friends & Guests.


WHEN: Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 @ 1pm
WHERE: Centre For Spiritual Living @ 1311 Queen St E
COST: Donation Based | PWYC | Everyone is Welcomed


More information at:
(Don’t need a facebook account to view)

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary


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  2. Good luck today Danish. Looking forward to having you on my show - Keeping It Real - tomorrow, sunday dec 16 at 11 am. here is the link to watch live: