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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Excruciatingly Scrumptious Chocolate Ball?

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Hi there everyone!!

To benefit prostate and breast cancer initiatives, join me (and my mystery date) this Friday at
The 6th Annual, 2011 Toronto Chocolate Ball - Cocoa Carnival

It’s perfect to start a phenomenal weekend of experts, visionaries, scientists and dancers, co-creating a world that works for everyone!

As a sponsor of the 2011 Gateway to Your Future Conference (with Live Streaming on the Internet for the entire world), Ordinary Words Inc. has been granted a select group of complimentary tickets.  Claim yours before they are gone!!

1. Goto

2. Select item "11SEATINGgeneral-0004" at $147.00
(you may add additional items)

3. Click on "Add to cart"

4. Type "ORDINARY" in the Coupon Code

5. Click on "Apply"

6. Go to New Customer, click on "Proceed to Checkout"

7. Fill Out 1) Billing Info

8. Click on "Place Order" (recalculates to $0.00)

9. Go to 4) Print Receipt, and bring to event as ticket!


- Gregg Braden, a world renowned scientist, visionary and scholar will be our keynote speaker and will share his latest research on four new discoveries which connect science and spirituality that will forever change how we view ourselves.

- Colin Andrews actually coined the term “crop circles”, and as the world’s leading expert and he will provide new insights into the amazing messages coming from crop circles.

- John Major Jenkins, an expert on the world wisdom traditions will share about the ancient wisdom perspective on the new era we are entering.

- Ti Caine is a futurist and the world’s leading expert on FutureVisioningTM Hypnotherapy. He will actually take you into your future, show you The Power of The FutureTM and give you the specific tools so you can create your awesome future.

- Howard Martin from Global Coherence Initiative and HeartMath will explain the cutting-edge technology which shows how human emotions influence the magnetic fields of the earth.

- Mayan Dancers will close the conference with a beautiful sacred ceremony. with Coupon Code ORDINARY

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. Share with chocolate lovers, humanitarians, new-agers, and visionaries alike!

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