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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leveraging the iPhone Opportunity

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Hi there everyone!!

I’ve been on webinars this week by the biggest gurus in the industry talking about the huge money that can be made with iPhone applications, and it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve accurately predicted many trends in technology, and with my new found understanding of marketing, I now see a financial windfall that is so easy for each and every person to leverage.

The iPhone Store is a closed network, and the rich get richer because they understand how the system works.  That’s why there are ridiculous applications without any value that make tons of money and great applications that go nowhere (of course, that’s true generally speaking).

So, what’s the secret here?  We’ve got to have a great way to get into the Apple Store (which, btw, is the biggest holder of credit cards in the world).  Companies are being bought for hundreds of millions of dollars that already have iPhone applications prominent in the Apple Store.  But you’re not a programmer, nor are you able to make such a huge investment.

There are courses out there that will teach you how to simply copy iPhone applications that are already successful.  The industry is young enough (not saturated) that you will make tons of money, and can outsource the programming for just hundreds of dollars.  Those courses are awesome, though they will cost you thousands of dollars.

But rather than making a new iPhone application, why not leverage off the launch of a brand new iPhone application that you know will be HUGE?

That Free Thing already has over a hundred thousand members, and when it officially launches on October 1, it will release its iPhone application to the world.

Can you imagine the traffic we will get when 100,000 people download that application almost overnight?  What will happen to our rankings in the Apple Store?

And when everybody finds out about this new service to get tons of free stuff, how many of them will join?  It’s free to join, so probably lots.  Especially since so many people join GroupOn and TeamBuy, and we’re going to offer the same kinds of deals and bargains as they do!

Get in on the ground floor.  Sign up for FREE.
Then upgrade, and lock yourself into this amazing opportunity.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary
+1 647-439-5011

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