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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mark off Fri/July 15 for an Awesome Party!

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Hi there everyone!!

I haven’t hosted a party for the general public since by my birthday 10 months ago, so this one is going to be huge!

Remember the FriendshipSlut parties I used to co-host where we guaranteed that you would meet 10 people you like, and 1 person that you didn’t?

Then there was the big Wellness Party where we had live singers, a dance floor, a drum circle, and rooms where people could experience various healing arts from holistic practitioners.

I remember the Roof-Top Party, The Love Party, and the party in my Bay street bachelor apartment with over 200 people throughout the night!  But I’m sure there are parties I have hosted that I’ve forgotten about already...

What’s so special about our parties?

People like you, who read e-mails, rather than just complaining that you get too many e-mails.  You’ve learned to distinguish substance from spam, and so you get exposed to cool new parties like these.

People like you, who share what you’re up to, rather than just complain about privacy issues.  You’ve learned that different people like different things, so you share everything.  As a result, more people share with you, making you a more conscious, well-rounded person.

People like you, who engage and support, rather than criticize and judge.  You’ve learned that by helping other people get what they want, life automatically helps you get what you want.

You know more people like you, so I would love for you to share this party with them.  Even if they don’t live close to Toronto (we usually have attendees from other cities, if not other countries), they may know people who do.  That’s the magic of viral, and that’s the magic of our wellness parties!

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Master FreeLoader

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