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Monday, May 23, 2011

My interview on BlogTalk Radio

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Hey there everyone!!

Check out my interview on BlogTalk Radio.

This is some of what I said, spontaneously, without any preparation...

Humanity is going to a place where we’re not so much about content as we are about context.

In the past people have been about policies, and procedures, and so rigid and about the letter of the law, as opposed to coming from a holistic place of understanding the circumstances and the nuances and the cultural contexts of every situation.

The biggest thing we can move into is understanding that we don’t have to be black and white--just because we listen to somebody or even understand where they are coming from doesn’t mean that we agree with it.

That’s another element of understanding this duality of our humanity... we live in a world of contradictions.  One of my favorite quotes is that usually the opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth.  So it’s not being attached to either truth as it is understanding which truth to apply in which context.  And that’s the art of living.

Check out my interview on BlogTalk Radio.

Let’s love the world together...

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