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Monday, May 9, 2011

Developing Emotional Resiliency

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Hi there everyone,

Over the last ten years, I’ve had super friends invest their time, energy, and money in helping me create Ordinary Words Inc.  They all have full-time jobs, are raising families, and extremely busy.  And, they are committed to our vision of a transformed planet.

Dave Perlman has been my Chief Coach, and now is launching his own workshops on Emotional Resiliency.  The pilot is next week, and I will be there!  More details are below if you would like to attend.

The other birth I have given is to a growing organization of That Free Thing.  I have broken all my previous records, breaking-even in less than 30 days, sponsoring 10 people, generating a downline of 20, with 250+ “freeloaders” who are interested.  Some people in my organization have literally done nothing and already made some money.

I’m going big-time with this, so if you believe in my success, this is your opportunity of a lifetime.  I know many of you don’t understand it, but for the first-year cost of $135 in total, it’s the smallest risk I have ever seen for any business.  For those who do understand, it’s potentially a multi-million dollar asset.

Here’s a 12-minute video that explains how it works.

When you’re ready to join for FREE, simply enter your e-mail here:

Let’s love the world together...

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Developing emotional resiliency skills helps us to deal with adversity. It also enables us to adapt to change and manage upsets, roadblocks and frustrations.

There is a lot of information about resiliency in general but very little about emotional resiliency and how to develop it. All skills in resiliency funnel into, or start with the ability to understand and manage our emotional state. This workshop is specifically designed to give you tools you can use in the face of any adversity.

The Pilot is this Tuesday, May 17th at 7pm at North York City Center, Memorial hall (Toronto, Canada). You can register by going to and clicking on the 'Sign up for Pilot' button. Space is limited to 40 people.

Cost to attend Pilot: FREE (RSVP Required)

I will be there. :)

"In the end what matters most is
How well did you love
How well did you live
How well did you learn to let go"
- Buddhist Quote

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