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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Intelligence, Memory, Luck: 3 Ways I See

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Hey there everyone!!

Many people think that those visually impaired or blind have superior hearing.  I think that’s a myth perpetuated by mainstream culture.

My hearing is weaker than average, and I failed all the hearing tone tests in grade nine music.  :(

Some people think I’m a liar or a fake, because I am so independent, mobile, and make no excuses.

This is how I see...

1. Intelligence.

One of my friends asked me, “How do you always know when to stop right before we are about to bump into something?”  I said, “Because every time I’m with you and you stop first, then I stop too, because I’m following you.  You don’t realize that when I’m walking by myself, I do bump into things.”

Our eyes are optical instruments that identify vibrations.  Our brain, interprets that optical information, and through experience and intelligence, allows us to understand our environment (90% of the work).  So although my “optics” are limited, my “sight” is better than most of the people I meet (which is why they get surprised that I’m legally blind).  The Hollywood movie, “At First Sight”, explains this phenomenal through a beautiful love story.

2. Memory.

People are often surprised when I know Toronto better than they do.  This is my hood and I’ve lived here over 85% of my life.  And then 90% of the places I need to go to, I’ve probably already been before.  Especially since, when I was thirteen years old, I traveled to every subway stop in the city to memorize the exits and entrances.

When I go to another city, however, I feel totally debilitated.  Even if I had been there several years ago, likely there have been new constructions and changes in their public transportation system.  People sometimes think, “well, at least you can always take a cab” without realizing the visual abilities required to hail a cab, or even find a location appropriate for boarding a cab.

3. Luck.

I was visiting Karachi (Pakistan) a couple years ago and decided to go for a walk by myself.  I walked very close (inches away) from what I thought was a puddle, without really thinking.  Then, as I walked away, I realized it was a deep, open sewage gutter, and I could have easily fallen in!  That would have been the worst experience of my life!

Through personal development, I learned that it is easy to improve my luck -- all I have to do is increase my activity.  Most people don’t do things because of fear or lack of ability.  I do them anyways.  Most of the time, there are negative consequences.  Sometimes angels protect me.

Then there’s also instinct, intuition, and faith... but I’ll leave those for another article.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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