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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These 3 Questions Can Transform Your Life!

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Hey there everyone!!

There were three questions I asked myself regularly that transformed my life.  Anthony Robbins taught me this when I was fifteen years old.  He said not just to ask, but after awaking and before going to bed, really feel the answers to these questions:

1. What am I most excited about in my life?
(Or, what could I be excited about if I really wanted to feel excited?)

2. What do I appreciate most in my life today?

(Or, what could I appreciate if I really wanted to appreciate something?)

3. Who do I love and who loves me?
(Or, who could I love if I really wanted to love somebody?)

I’ve learned that it comes back to basics like these.  Take the time to answer these questions (and really feel the answers) yourself.  Maybe even take the time to write the answers, and forward this exercise to those you care about.

In 2004, I created The Love Movie.  While the simplicity of the movie is just as profound today, I’ve learned a lot over the past six years.  Even if you’ve seen this movie before, take the time to watch this newly designed version.

Find out “What Is Love?” in less than 3 minutes.

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. Here are my answers:

1. What am I most excited about in my life?
I get to work on such innovative and inspiring projects that make a difference in the world.  My businesses are changing people’s lives every day, and I have the ability to affect culture and humanity.  I’m really excited about 2012 as well.  ;)

2. What do I appreciate most in my life today?
I live in a country that is one of the freest in the world.  This culture respects equality, diversity, and social justice.  I live in an open society where I can exercise free speech, peacefully assemble communities, and serve as an activist for truth.  Toronto is one of the world’s biggest centers for social change, social networking and alternative lifestyles.

3. Who do I love and who loves me?
I love so many of my friends, from those I see only once every few years, to those who are only in my life for a short season.  I relate to so many people, where love easily flows to almost everyone I meet.  I love my super friends, and fellow visionaries... And I love my party buddies and cuddle partners.  So many family members love me as I am, and support me in what I am up to.  The person who loves me the most is my mom.

Listen to yourself.

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