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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eleven Funny *AND* Serious Reasons Why Facebook is Better than Television

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11. Rather than sitting still, we’re also moving our hands; not just clicking with our fingers.

10. If we do buy something through Facebook, we’re supporting our network instead of just faceless monopolies.

9. We think we might be the only person watching a silly program – yet we know 312 others are reading the same stuff we’re reading and 14 people “like it.”

8. It is more difficult and more dangerous to eat over a computer. So we do it less often.

7. Random images chosen by marketers are not as interesting as random pictures taken by our friends.

6. We can’t “SHARE” things we like easily on a television. But then what do we like on television (anymore)?

5. Watching funny stuff is great, watching our friends make fools of themselves is better.

4. No horror; just pokes from scary people.

3. Instead of watching drama, we get to be a part of it.

2. All the good television clips are shared on Facebook anyway. Duh!

1. Having multi-national corporations telling us what to think is horrible. We settle for multi-national corporations reading everything that we are thinking.

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