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Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Simple Ways to Meet Amazing People & Create Outstanding Relationships

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Hey there everyone!!

The people that are part of my community love coming out to my parties, shows, and events. The experience people have is extraordinary, and they rave about it.

Why? What’s so special about the people I know?

I’ve been distinguishing what attributes of people’s being causes a great atmospheric energy. And I’ve distinguished three specific contexts that people in our community employ:

1. Being Proactive.

This means that when you are at an event, you don’t just hang around the people you came with. You are proactive. You make the effort to approach people you do not know, or would like to know more. You initiate interesting conversations. And you take initiatives to laugh, play, and deepen relationships.

2. Being Open.

This means that when you are looking at someone, or talking to someone, that you do not prejudge who they are. You are open to their perspectives, their behaviors, and their lifestyles. You truly consider what the other person has to say, and you allow for a space which has the other person feel accepted.

3. Being Authentic.

This means that when you are sharing with someone, you don’t try to put up an image or hold status. You’re more than honest, you’re vulnerable. You take the time to express yourself completely, so that you can have substance to your connections.

Are you proactive? Are you open? Are you authentic?

The best way to be that way is to be around people who are that way.

That’s why our community is growing so rapidly.
And that’s what this movement is all about.

Toronto is the meeting place, and our community of people from around the world (including US, Europe, Asia) often attend!! See our latest event at

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Visionary


  1. Awesome wisdom, Danish!

    I agree totally, and would emphasize the "fun" aspect.

    In addition, I've noticed that:
    1. the community really listens to what the people have to say, e.g. shows understanding by using the same words
    2. supports the people by sincerely congratulating/ celebrating their achievements with them
    3. A couple of authentic compliments can go a long way to deepen the relationship.

    Posted by Elizabeth Greig

  2. I had an amazing experience from following these techniques. I went to a HUB event in San Francisco this year and sat beside a woman in one of the smaller break-out sessions. I chatted with her afterward and found out that she used to be homeless. Now, she is a humanitarian and an energy healer. Isn't that amazing?? Through being open, I met this amazing woman.