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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Recreational Adventures

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Hi there everyone!!

When my life was first full of personal development material, one of the foundational statements I kept thinking in my mind was "I can do anything." I truly believed that, and so I started to participate in activities that might be considered impossible for a blind person. I knew I loved rides that involved great heights, so I decided that rock-climbing would be a great activity to try. With rides in the amusement park, all the control is in the conductor/machinery. With rock-climbing, the control would be in my hands!

Rock climbing was a powerful experience. It wasn't just about experiencing the majesty of being on the side of a mountain -- it was about knowing that I was in charge, I was in control, and my life was in my own hands. I couldn't see all the best places to put my hands and feet for optimal climbing ease; instead, I had to feel my way around just to find something to grab on to. It wasn't easy, in fact, it was very difficult. However, I did do it, and I did affirm that "I can do anything."

I heard from many people how much fun white-water rafting was. I'm not one to miss out on fun, so I went! I knew I wouldn't be the best rafter; I knew I was going to get wet and possibly end up in the water. In knowing this, I wasn't like other people sitting back hoping not to get wet! I was very active and excited. That enthusiasm creates the magic moments of adventure. I couldn't see all the natural beauty around me, so I focused on all the sounds and smells of nature. What a beautiful experience!

The adventures don’t stop for me. A couple of weekends ago I went gliding. That’s right - they still won’t give me a license to drive, so I decided to fly! Turbulence has a lot more impact when you're blind. It's exhilarating! The feeling of lift and gravity intertwine to give an energizing rush.

In the water, on a mountain, or in the sky... Somebody once said, “Life is a daring bold adventure, or it’s nothing at all.”

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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