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Monday, April 14, 2003

3 Life Measures

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“Peacefullness is the ability
to enjoy your destiny
as well as your present moments,
at the same time.”
- Danish Ahmed and Steve Rogers
We all want a “consistent sense of pleasure within our state of being.” We may use different words to express what that means to us individually. For some people it’s verbalized as “success.” For others, it’s verbalized as “love.” The three most common foundational words to express this sought-after feeling, I believe, could be peace, happiness, and fulfillment... Now, what’s the difference?


Being at peace with ourselves is accepting our world the way it is. Being peaceful is being content with our circumstances, no matter how unfair they may seem. It is the absence of need and the absence of desire. Meditation is a great way of being at peace.


Happiness is an active state of being. We are happy when we are doing something we enjoy. We are happy when we are spending time with someone we care about. We are happy when we are looking forward to something. When we enthusiastically engage ourselves in activities such as deep conversations with others, we clear the pathway towards happiness.


I used to use the word “happy” to describe the ultimate feeling I was after. However, many times I found that I was “happy” but not having the feelings I had hoped for. Something was missing. That something was called fulfillment. We are fulfilled when we see that our efforts are getting results. We are fulfilled when we feel productive. We are fulfilled when we see the difference that we have made for other people.

While it is possible to be happy without being fulfilled, it is not possible to be fulfilled without being happy. Think about it... How can we feel productive if, for example, we feel that nobody cares about us? We may act and look productive to others, but we won’t “feel” productive. And there will consequently be a lack of fulfillment.

Similarly, we cannot find happiness without knowing peace. If we feel that life is cruel to us, we won’t be able to feel happy no matter what activities we force ourselves to participate in. A strategy for creating “a consistent sense of pleasure within our state of being,” therefore, is to first find peace and be peaceful. Second, discover ways that help us be more happy and enthusiastic (by doing more of the things we love to do). And then, transform that new found energy into making a difference for a greater purpose, and reap the benefits of fulfillment.

Let's love the world together...

Danish Ahmed, blind visionary

Simple words.
Relatable stories.
Powerful inspiration.

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