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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spiritual Awakenings

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Hey there everyone!!
Are you awake or asleep.  Here's a test.
Is life simple or complicated? There are lots of theories and philosophies, but what does it all come down to? Just accept what is, and do what's next. Read my article, Happily Do What’s Next and Make the Most of It

When we look closely at each individual choice in our life, we may find that it is also an interesting process. There is power in distinguishing such subtleties. Read my article, 3 Processes for Every Choice

Whatever it is we are doing, there's got be substance and significance beyond the physical that we see. And if there isn't anything we can find which gives life that soulful bliss, then we must create it ourselves. Read my article, 4 Ways to Find Meaning In Your Living

Sometimes it is helpful to create a metaphor and give ourselves a new framework to our spirituality. Have some fun and turn it into a game! Read my article, 7 Ways Life is a New-Age Video Game

Isn't life full of paradoxes and contradictions? Whenever we seem to figure things out, life changes again and we awaken into a new reality. Being torn because of conflicting values or views does not mean we're crazy... Read my article, 4 Dualities of Being

Perhaps the best way to ignite our own spirit is to spark someone. Once we become awake in any area of life, we can't help but want to awaken others. Life doesn't get easier; it actually gets harder. Read my article, 6 Reminders to Inspire When You Feel Like Shit (+ video)

Most religions and spiritual practices teach that it is not about receiving--but giving that makes life fulfilling. Unfortunately, some people feel that they don't have the means to give because they have so little. But we can give in so many different ways! Read my article, 7 Totally Different Ways to Give Big to People (+ Video)

Do you have faith? We can have faith in a lot of different things. And sometimes awakening our faith in different areas of our lives can be the most rewarding. Read my article, 5 Levels of Faith

What's next? We'll want to change the world, of course. Once we have all the spiritual goodies, don't we want to make everything else a Heaven on Earth? It is possible, and various methods have been well documented. Explore some options in my article, 10 Ways to Change the World Today

While there are so many different kinds of awakenings and spiritual paths, there are four major awakenings that some may consider controversial--so we'll talk about them. Read my article, 4 Awakenings: Money, Religion, Sex & Politics

Awaken your spirituality in so many ways by being inspired by articles like this. You are a cosmic connection to the beauty of humanity.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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