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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I need your help. This is serious and urgent.

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Hi there everyone!!

Thanks for reading.  Some of you have contacted me thanking me so much for the new awareness I'm providing for your communities, and the inspiring new possibilities I am creating for our world.  And you're very welcome.

A few of you have contacted me with loving concern for the new direction I have chosen.  And I totally honor and appreciate your love.  I know you're the type of person who is awakening the planet, and it's beautiful to know there are so many different forms of awakenings.

I honor your chosen method of awakening the planet.  Another awakening to grasp is that other people are awakening the planet in different ways.  This is the beauty of the grand awakening.

Let's awaken the planet together...

This is what I was born to do.  I knew it when I was eleven years old.  I've been waiting for humanity to be ready for this all these years.  It took the coming of the Internet -- instant access to multi-media proof of many of our assertions.

If you sincerely are committed to the planet, and applying the law-of-attraction, you could see the document below as having tons of positive messages and useful suggestions that are for the greater good of humanity.  Although there may be a few items you disagree with, or even if you're not aligned with many of the sourced references, you could choose to have the openness of sharing this consciousness with your community.

It definitely can't do as much as damage as the mainstream media has already done, and it can completely change the world.

Let's love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Visionary

Before we can effectively discuss solutions, we should agree on what the problems really are.  We found three short videos that explain everything and they will get us on the same page.  Make sure you watch them in their entirety before you read the rest of this document.  You can watch all three of the videos at

Reading this in its entirety will expand your consciousness.  Contextualizing aspects of it to your life will be enlightening.  Applying some of it in your community will cause transformationChoosing the destiny of our planet will be transcendental.

1. Consciousness.

Watch the movie, “End of America & the Free World: 10 Steps to Enslave an Open Society” (90 minutes by Naomi Wolf) at (FREE) for a deeper understanding of what’s been presented in only 16 minutes.

Focusing 100% on the solution is a fanatical perspective, and an illogical way of being.  If we don’t understand the nature of the problems first, we will not have solutions that are the most effective (and possibly counter-productive).  Yes, spend 90% of your time on the solutions, once you understand the problem (since problems are always changing).

Knowing does make a difference, because when there is a critical-mass of awareness, there is a tipping-point into action!

Love your dark side.  Transformation isn't just about positive thinking.  It's about getting real first.  Discover your dark side with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, and Marianne Williamson in "The Shadow Effect".

Be grateful that instead of reading through hundreds of pages of documents, and years of research, you are able to sit-back in the comfort of your home/office, to watch an entertaining movie.  This revolution does have its advantages.

We can learn from history.  But instead of reading from textbooks written by the victors of war many years ago, how about watching movies created by modern-day activists who really care about you?

Watch other truth activism movies like Alex Jone's Fall of The Republic, The United Nations Deception, The Obama Deception, Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, plus The Corporation, Zeitgeist Addendum, Freedom to Fascism, Kymatica: Will You Live or Die?, Esoteric Agenda, Ring of Power, Mayan Calendar & Consciousness Workshop, Food Inc, The World According to Monsanto, and The Story of Stuff. Also look out for the new movies, New World Order, and Earth 2.0, coming out soon.

You can watch The Union: The Business of Getting High, which is a great documentary on on the reality of marijuana/cannabis/pot and how your government uses it for profit.  Look out for many more movies coming to a web site near you!

One unethical argument about our crusade for oil is that "we need it." Actually, we don't. There are lots of secret free-energy systems and you can learn more about them starting with The Disclosure Project. Our government leaders' actions today are based on the foundation of a terrorist attack September 11, 2001, which is a lie. Here is evidence that the 9/11 Truth Commission was a fraud from the commissioners themselves.

You don't need to watch them all.  Just like there may have been professors at college/university who you didn't relate to, there may be a movie style that does not work for you.  Don't prejudge the entire genre if one movie doesn't agree with you.  Be open, and find a movie that works for you.

The most dangerous fears are the ones you can't see. When you avoid complaining because you think it is so wrong and negative, you are extremely fearful, and in fact avoiding the stand you need to take in order to stop an emerging oppressive government. You are allowed to complain about people who are being unethical, immoral, fraudulent, and inhumane. Being mad is part of the human condition, and doesn't mean that you are anti-"Secret".  Wake up and change the world.

2. Community.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

Go outside.  Talk to your neighbors, join local groups/clubs, and love the strangers you pass by.  Smile, hug, acknowledge, and compliment.  :)  For a three-minute reminder of what love really is, visit or watch this great 15-minute short-film called VALIDATION.

When in line or waiting on the bus, instead of listening to your iPod, talk to the person next to you.  Reconnect with distant family.  Call friends you haven't seen in a long time.

Forward this information and share it on social networking sites, rank them on social bookmarking sites, and keep the conversation alive.  Many people simply don’t have the conversation because they are afraid of the unknown.  You are a pioneer, and your initiative will comfort them -- knowing they are not alone.

Please don’t sit back hoping other people are going to do something instead of you.  We’re competing with mass media conditioning, and we need you -- each and every one of you -- on this humanitarian mission.

Host movie screenings at your house.  It's a great excuse reason to invite people from the neighborhood you do not know, connect with them, and at least discuss world affairs.  We're not out to make money here; we are out to change the system.  Every producer of these movies has spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to awaken humanity.  We want you to copy them, distribute them, and freely share with everyone you know.

Gandhi said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."  That's why personal development, and being immersed in communities of people who are committed to their personal growth, is essential.  A great free place to start is on-line with, and subscribe to our blog at  The best community of personal development we recommend is The Landmark Forum (available in 21 countries worldwide).

Use on-line services that cause real-life actions like Tagged by Kindness and Acts of Kindness to spread more love in the world.

It's also important to nourish a spiritual connection.  Religious people are afraid of hell, spiritual people have already been through it.  Religions, however, do understand something about community.  Spiritual people in isolation is like a contradiction.  A very modernized organization I sometimes attend is called The Meeting House.  They use clips from movies (like The Matrix) and modern culture to deliver spiritual teachings in a relaxed style.  Their motto is: "A Church for people who aren't into Church."

3. Commerce.

Grow and/or buy local food.  Do business with local merchants instead of franchises or faceless monopolies.  Support the arts, and buy tickets to the events hosted, produced or marketed by your friends.

Take time to know how the monetary system really works.  This Christmas, give all the people at your local bank a copy of "Money As Debt" (DVD) to awaken them.  For more information, visit "Merry Christmas, My Dear Bank."

It doesn't take money anymore to get mass exposure. What it does take is a collective consciousness of individuals committed to a common purpose. Now there are FREE full-day workshops around the world that will teach you financial intelligenceIf you can read, but don't, you may as well be illiterate.  So join us at the next Millionaire Mind Intensive Weekend.

Instead of seeing a doctor, visit a holistic nutritionist, an intuitive/spiritual healer, or alternative professional equivalent.  Don't see a psychiatrist, see a psychologist or psychotherapist.  Rather than inject pharmaceuticals, uncover meet-up groups on the Internet which have the challenges you face.

Research alternative medicine and natural remedies.  Look into Montessori and other forms of alternative education for your children, or institutions like The Transformational Arts College for your continued education.

Did you know how socially and politically aware Generate We is? Support them financially, because they have the genius and drive to change the world. Maybe you have Indigo children? Embrace their wisdom.

Don’t spend your time or consciousness trying to save $5 (you're probably spending more money in gas, not to mention all the inconvenience/frustration).  Instead, learn about taxes and interest, because they are the two biggest expenses of your life.  The best way to avoid both of them is to barter whenever possible, or join barter networksJoint-venturing (like being an affiliate partner) is a great way to do business, eliminating transaction cost and fostering more community/co-creation.

Become knowledgeable about the multi-level/network marketing industry.  These organizations are much more ethical (not perfect) than the brands you’ve been brainwashed to feel so good about -- and you’d be supporting your family and friends (and their families, and their friends, etc., etc.).

Forget about lawyers.  Write contracts for the sake of effective communication, and choose to do business with those whose word you trust.  The only ones who win in a corrupt legal system are the lawyers who have no incentive to authentically transform your situation.

4. Co-Creation.

Participate in the development of social, political, and economic constructs.  You are not just a citizen of the planet; you are a member of the human species that has an integral role in our collective.

Examples may be working to audit and/or abolish The Federal Reserve, or writing letters to your representatives in parliament to make sure legislation like Bill C-6 do not pass.  Watch constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley as he demonstrates how the government is using health care to eliminate citizen liberties.  You can also choose to contribute to our political party, the Party for People with Special Needs.

Don’t submit to authority.  Their responsibility is to educate you, not to indoctrinate you.  So ask them questions about the swine flu, like, “have THEY taken it yet?” (FYI, Obama has not.)  Know what you are putting in your body and why you are putting it there.  Ask your health care professional if they feel President Barack Obama calling a state of national emergency for H1N1 was warranted?  No question should be considered stupid.  Listen to Barbara Loe Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) about the swine flu.

A "democracy" that markets to its citizens
while restricting the freedom of the press

from giving alternative views,
is in transition to a dictatorship.

Join the Truth Activist Movement.  There are many people who are well respected with public names like Congressman Ron Paul, comedian George Carlin, wrestler Jesse Ventura, and actor Charlie Sheen.  Jesse Venutra also has a new television show coming out very soon which discusses these specific issues.

5. Collaboration.

Know that partisan politics have been a disguise for distraction.  Get involved in non-partisan organizations like the emerging new Tea Parties.  If you work for or volunteer in a major political party, ask them to look at these issues and the true concerns of those they authentically represent.  Direct them to this Truth Curriculum and demand that they give you some answers.

We have a solution that literally helps transition our current monetary system into the emerging gift economy (Michael Beckwith's articulation), by circulating wealth to the non-profits and charities of the world.  We have a blueprint which will eliminate world poverty (20,000 children die everyday).  Discover more about Humanity Unites Brilliance at

Part of the construct is to facilitate the coming together of problem-solvers in order to transcend the challenges of our time.  This shift is in creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just world that works for everyone.

Engage in social networks about philanthropy and humanitarianism.  You can start at the HUB Circle.  There are no conspiracy theories; only collaboration theories which many have come true.

Initiate or promote co-operatives.  The new battlefields of the revolution will be the Internet and fought in virtual worlds.  Therefore, telephone, videophone, cellular, security, and internet services are good ideas to get bundled inside of a co-operative that can save you money and generate income.  If you'd like to join our telecommunications team, contact us regarding ACN - All Communications Network.

The currency that has stood the test of time for thousands of years is that of precious commodities like gold and diamonds. Don't just make gold a part of your portfolio -- collaberate with a whole community dedicated to leveraging this currency as a new standard for commerce. For more information, visit Global Wealth Trade.

6. Celebration!

It's important to be playful and enjoy the process of everything we do.  Success is a journey, not a destination.

We create communities that integrate transformation with social eventsBecome a fan on Facebook and join our newsletter list for invitations to fun gatherings and cool parties.

For example, Stuart Knight produces inspirational live shows and musicals. Every morning you could wake up to empowering Success Songs from Paul Hoffman.  We promote The Buddha Groove which attracts tons of practitioners from the wellness industry, who love to mingle, dance, and celebrate.  Join us for our next big event, New Year's Eve.  Visit

We have large communities in major cities across North America, China, Australia, United Kingdom, and India.  Use our discussion boards to organize local chapters.

More Sexy Solutions!!

There are so many others who are creating great paradigms of solutions in this new awakening.  Just released October 30, 2009, watch this episode of On The Edge with Max Keiser which presents many more solutions you can implement. We encourage you to create your own campaigns, so like the Internet, it will be impossible for the establishment to ban or censor all of us.

"It doesn't matter how strong your opinions are.
If you don't use your power for positive change,
you are, indeed, part of the problem."
- Coretta Scott King, Reformer

Most people do not have high-speed easy Internet access (outside of their vocation), so if you are reading this on-line, take the extra effort to get this information into the hands of your friends who are not on-line.  And, remember that those who are on-line may not be as net savvy or computer literate as you.  Teach people how to use tools like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger, and other resources you may be familiar with.

Copy, distribute, and post this page to blogs, web-sites, directories, and bulletin-boards.  Print out physical copies and place them at community centers, libraries, and common areas in universities, colleges and offices.  We are triggering your memory with as many possibilities as possible, so you can realize that the name of the game is exposure on every level in all ways.

When was the last time you visited your local library?

Refer back to this document regularly to see what updates and new resources are available to support you and connect you with other like-minded individuals who are committed to changing the world.

Contribute to this living document with your own information, resources, and references.  We are en emerging open-source, solutions-oriented community dedicated to free distribution of alternative media and consciousness transformation.  You may contact us through the various social networks (it's always a good idea to have various accounts across different platforms in case of identity theft).

For those who speak/write other languages, please translate this.  We are a very multi-cultural society, and we need this be available in as many languages as possible.

If you are an artist, produce material that integrates this new activist movement.  Write plays.  Direct documentaries.  Choreograph dances.  Develop this genre..  Sing music.  Perform spoke-word or slam poetry.  Express your new found knowledge through your gifted talents.  Always carry a video-capture device (cell/camcorder, especially at protests), and upload your videos everywhere.

WARNING: High-Risk Sexy Solutions


If you work for the media, don't just read everything that's on the teleprompter.  Do your own research on the Internet, and make sure all major sides of each issue are given their due airtime.  If they are not, then go to your manager, and demand that they are.  This is the point where you take a stand for humanity.

Don't spend a lot of time watching television, or even reading newspapers.  Personal development taught to avoid television, and historically that may have been wise.  Today, avoidance is a flawed strategy.  You need to become an educated citizen, and that does not mean you do not pay attention to what's happening in the world.  What that means is you spend about 30 minutes a day going through the major news broadcasters like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, to see what they are doing and what they are presenting.  Then, watch alternative media shows on the Internet (like the Alex Jones Show), to uncover the other side of the story.  We're not about extremism.  We want you to see both sides so you can learn how unethical one side has been.

Click on the image below to see how
the entire mainstream media
is owned by the same companies.

Send a press release to your local television, newspaper, and radio stations which outline this document.  Or just send this entire document for ease.  When enough people send them the same questions, they will be forced to discuss them.  The will try to take you off on tangents, so you need to be pro-active in your assertions.

Make sure you know what your children are watching.  Some cartoons are becoming propaganda tools to teach children things like "torture is OK and funny."


Honor your mother by watching this short Mother's Day Proclamation (1870) for World Peace. Vanessa Williams, Felicity Huffman, Christine Lahti, Fatma Saleh, Ashraf Salimian, Gloria Steinem, and Alfre Woodard, have come together to create an inspirational video for you from mothers of those at war.

Your biggest allegiance could be to your inner spirit and soul.  Are you doing what you have been called to do?  Or are you doing something just because it is a part of a command-structure?  There's nothing wrong with a beautiful and powerful command-structure, if you truly understand it.  Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath they swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If you are part of a police force, please remember that your duty is to serve and protect citizens.  Whenever you get an order to do a mass-raid, invasion without a warrant, harassment, or any other form of unethical behavior to your fellow citizens, remember reading this.  Any kind of activism should be protected, not criminalized.  If you are policing any protests, protect the protesters.  You would be shocked to see what happened at the recent G20 Summit.


If you work in the government, talk to your supervisors and managers.  Ask them why there is such a big resistance that is emerging against the government.  Ask them if they know about Germany and how a dictatorship was formed.  There's no coincidence that Germany is the most awake country today (greatest percentage not taking swine flu, greatest percentage that believes 9/11 was an inside job).

Become a whistleblower if you see any unethical (non necessarily unlawful) activity.  If you are a buyer, don't just give contracts to your friends.  When you see contracts that are being favored, make sure you call people out on it.


Know your rights.  Study The Constitution.  Study The Charter of Rights & Freedoms.  Any legal manipulation that is added on top of that understanding, is corruption.  Just because something is "the law" doesn't make it right, ethical, moral, or humane.  Just because Obama calls you a terrorist doesn't make you one (but the law says it does).  This is legal trickery to create a dictatorship.

Here are the most important ones to remember:  We have the freedom of free speech.  We have the freedom of peaceful assembly.  When these rights are threatened, we loose our humanity.

If only certain people can manipulate the law for their own benefits (like the trillion dollar bailout of the banks), and brainwash you through the media to accept it because they own the corporations, then that is not an ethical legal system.  You must take a stand to all laws that are unethical, immoral, fraudulent, or inhumane (e.g., torture).

If you work in the legal profession, don't defend people who you know are deliberately fraudulent.  Work for people, not for companies.  Work for charities, not for government.  Have your clients be as efficient as possible, even if it means you make less money.  Don't make things complicated when they can be simple.  Be more compassionate than intelligent.  Support the spirit of the law, instead of the technicalities of law.


Don't just listen to your Ministry of Education.  Teach our children practical skills for living.  Yes, reading, writing, math, logic, and reason would be the most important.

Instead of teaching calculus, why not teach about interest rates and monetary policy?  Rather than give them printed material from the government, show them how to do their own research on the Internet.  If children ask you things you don't know, show them -- and learn yourself -- how to find the answers.

"The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
Superior teachers demonstrate.
Great teachers inspire."
- William Arthur Ward, Author, Editor & Pastor

Rather than condemning their violence, illustrate to them how they are behaving in a conditioned way by the media, and a completely aligned way with the state of the world.  There will always be violence in our neighborhoods so long as there are wars in our world.

Once we understand that, then we can teach that to the next generation.  And then, that generation will be called to a greater purpose of eliminating wars in the world, knowing that they are not wrong or bad, but just bi-products of a corrupt global system.  There is tremendous inspiration in knowing you can be at cause in its transformation.

Use on-line educational and entertaining tools.  There is so much available, like the Our World Movie, available in fifteen languages.


Understand that lots of people are making money from the swine flu, and so they have a vested interest in giving you a skewed perspective.  It is hard to believe that good people would put money over humanity, but we were warned about this in many religions, and we are facing it right now, head-to-head.

If you work in the health-care profession, tell your hospitals/clinics/schools that you refuse to take the shot, and you refuse to administer it.  If your job is threatened, let us ask you something: "What was your job really?"  Do you want to fall victim to the same money-over-humanity paradigm that says you need to feed your family, and that they will just hire someone else and it won't make a difference?  You can always justify inhumane things, because you can always justify anything.  Ask yourself, what are you justifying.


If you work for a bank, insurance company, or any kind of financial institution, go to your managers and directors, and ask them why they allowed a trillion dollars of tax-payer money to support their unethical behavior.  When they say things like "It wasn't me, not my department, you can't blame people," then take a stand.  Ask them to go up the chain until we find the decision makers that allowed corrupt things to happen.

Tell them you will make this part of YOUR job, and enroll everyone else in the company to do the same, until we get the criminals from the top of these institutions to give back their ENTIRE bonuses, and resign.

When you sit back as an "employee" and do nothing, you are transforming yourself into a "slave"; not just an economic slave, now a physical, emotional, and psychological slave for at least 8 to 12 hours a day.  Masters had to feed and house old slaves.  You feed and house yourself.

If you are trading public stocks (currencies, futures, commodities, derivatives, options, etc.) full-time to sustain your lifestyle, please stop.  You are funding war in the world, and you have so many other options in our society of making a living.

Those who are financially independent, we request that you focus your time, not on making more money or serving on boards of corporations, but on devoting yourself to humanity.  You can support to awaken humanity in so many ways.  Volunteering, philanthropy, angel investing, supporting your financially-constrained friends, capitalization (including time/resources) of charities/non-profits, funding activism, or bringing this message to others, are among a few noble possibilities.

We are bringing integrity back to humanity.  The revolution is now.

Let’s love the world together...


[)anish /|hmed, Visionary

P.S. We are in a time of history where the Internet is our true hope of transcendence. Obama is currently considering passing legislation that will give him the power to shut-down the Internet.  If this happens, our leverage to awaken humanity now will be severely dissipated.  So please share these videos with urgency so that we can raise consciousness, and completely change the world.

P.P.S. You are sexy.  You are a visionary for reading all of this.  Thank you for co-creating with us.

Contributors: Eternal Maya, Janice Ashby, Diana Nahr Drew, Mark MacLean, Andrei Losinski, Naz Ahmed-Baty, The Great Awakening Group, Blanca Scanlon-Sharpe, Samantha Najarro, Dan King, Steve Rogers, and numerous anonymous contacts (They do not all agree with everything I've said, nor am I even able to do everything I've said all the time.)

How Did I Get To All of This?  Read these two blog entries:
“The Secret” is Stupid, Capitalism: A Love Story
New World Order - Are you Brainwashed?

P.P.P.S. Did you think we were going to change the world in just three paragraphs?  :)  I started with three.  And it's still not thousands of pages (like legislation) -- it's pretty simple stuff, actually.  Just share it. 

Last Edited: Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 7:56 AM

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