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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Conference Keynote Speaker

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Hi there everyone!!

My Chinese BookMost of us have seen really awesome speakers, and we may have also seen some really terrible or just mediocre speakers. Nobody wins with mediocre speakers (audience, meeting planners, or even the speaker because perhaps they should be doing something else with their time). So how do they get hired?

It's all about who we know personally, and who we can trust. That's why I've built this community of tens of thousands of people like you, over the last ten years. My hope is that through the people you know and who they know, my inspiring messages will reach as many people as possible. Thank-you for being on my team, and sharing my gifts with the world. :)

Having said all that, there must be specific, tangible benefits that an organization would receive, specifically from hiring me as their conference keynote (compared to hiring anybody else). Here is the list of points that could help key decision makers feel confident about their choice of choosing me, Danish Ahmed, as their headliner.

1. Instantly, I Grab Everybody's Attention!

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.Let's face it. People eye's naturally move towards taller/bigger unique people, and their eyes are able to follow those people's movements on stage. Anthony Robbins, arguably the #1 motivational speaker in the world (ironically he dislikes the term), admits that his great height (his “giantism” unique condition) was a big advantage for him in the early years to exhibit authority and command listening.

I'm not excessively tall, but I am excessively albino (yes, there are degrees to albinism). That means that I am probably the “whitest” person you have ever seen, with bleach white hair, white eyebrows, and well, white everything else. Now, how many albino inspirational speakers are there in the world?

Be an angel.Not only do I turn heads everyday, but some people even think of me as having a “glow” and delivering angelic words of wisdom. While I do reinforce that perception, sometimes on stage I do feel completely “in the zone”, channeling content that I didn't know I had in me. Regardless of speech topic, some members of the audience articulate the experience as “Danish said exactly what I needed to hear.”

These attention and presence-grabbing pluses are also useful before the event, by improving marketing and promotions of the event/conference. You will have a better attendance, less people will leave, and more people will want to stay longer.

2. Engagement, Interactivity & Customization

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.  The Art of ConverationAs mainstream culture moves into “reality” based real-time entertainment which is also fresh, gone will be the days of the same word-for-word scripted presentations that are obsolete. Today, shouldn't it be more about having a conversation with the audience? People want something real, something they can relate to, and something that is down-to-earth -- on their level. People don't care how much we know, until they know how much we care.

I've never delivered the same talk twice. I can't. I can't even read notes (because I am legally blind). My memory capabilities are poor, so I've never memorized a speech, ever. Instead, I turned my disadvantage into advantage. For twenty years, I have been taking improvisation classes so that I could just generate what I need through instinct, intuition, and universal trust. As a beautiful side benefit of improv, you'll get more of a performance with humor resulting in regular outbursts of “ha-ha-ha”. :)

3. A Vast Diversity of Experience

Awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind." - Eckhart TolleI'm not a one-trick pony. My life story has so many layers, I'm able to adapt it to almost any profession, industry, or lifestyle. I've participated in every form of personal development and transformational education, from emotional well-being and physical health, to money, people, relationship, and time management. From productivity, to spirituality, to sexuality, there's no subject that is taboo for me. I especially enjoy relating experiences about shifting consciousness, awakening humanity, and co-creating a world that works for everyone.

4. I'm a Very Visual Techie

Play With SearchEverybody has different learning styles and personality types. It significantly improves audience interest and participation to provide visual content as well as being a professional “speaker”. I have effectively used visual content to promote hundreds of my inspiring articles, and attracted a large social media following through my distinctive collection of visual quotes. You can experience some of them in action, right here in this article.

Since motivational speaking is a very organic and emotional medium (an art-form), speakers do not tend to be very technical, logical, analytical, or detail oriented. Of course, those aren't the most necessary qualities for a fantastic keynote, however, understanding that kind of thinking and relating to it does make a huge difference.

Are you an introvert?I have a huge background in information technology, having raised over a million dollars for a proprietary and advanced web browser. I'm naturally an introvert, but rigorously conditioned myself to become an extrovert, because that is what would make me more successful as an entrepreneur (and as a motivational speaker).

5. I'm the Leader of a Political Party

I saved a ton of money on Christmas presents by discussing politics on Facebook.Some people don't like talking politics at all. And I don't have to, of course. However, I find that an increasing number of people are interested in advocacy, charitable giving, and supporting humanity. And, who doesn't want to support people with disabilities? More to the bottom-line, there is a much larger tax deduction available from political parties than there is from charities or from simply declaring the speaking fee as a business expense. Plus, how often can you promote your headliner as being a leader of a political party?

6. No Pushy Sales. No Sales At All.

Measure your wealth by how much you'd have if you lost all your money.It's unfortunate how the speaking business has morphed into a business of pushing product from stage. As I have produced many personal development events and conferences myself, I have been blown away when well-known celebrity speakers would promise that there would be “no-selling”, and then end up pushing a bunch of expensive products from stage. It's not only disheartening, it lacks integrity.

7. Free Supplemental Materials & Follow-Up

I'm starting to attract the exact type of people I want around me: creative minds with amazing commitment to their dreams.There's no up-selling, but there is further giving. When a keynote ends, I provide links to resources where people can practice what they learned, be inspired through more stories, and move forward passionately with whatever they would like. The best way to help people become better people, is to guide them into communities committed to personal development.

Who do you know that produces events, organizes conferences, or is an agent of change at a corporation, non-profit, or local club/association? If you appreciate my work, others will appreciate it too. Thanks for sharing me, so that I can share more of myself with more of the world.

Let's love the world together...

Share your stories.Love,
[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. Here's a quick video I did about the power of sharing. It's not just so you'll feel more compelled to share this article with the world, but also so that you'll feel more compelled to share more of yourself with the world.

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