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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old is the New New

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Hey there everyone!!

Principles don’t change over time.  However, wisdom realized that modernization is required.  It’s not changing the content, it’s beautifying the presence.  It’s packaging, it’s cosmetics, but it’s everything.

For example, I took one of my top articles, “12 Components to True Wealth” and simply added hyperlinks to each of the twelve components, that takes people to relevant articles diving deeper into each subject.  It’s transforms a 2-D article into three dimensions.

Plus, I’ve learned to add Visual Quotes to each of the articles, making them much more compelling and engaging.  (I learned this from Facebook).

Check out the My Blog 2.0.  It’s a masterpiece of personal development.

12 Components to True Wealth

5 Different Ideas to Make Volunteering Exciting, Rewarding & Beautiful

You Hit the Jackpot!! Now stop gambling your time & money away

Let’s love the world together...

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