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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monetize your social network.

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Hey there everyone!!

Make your social network profitable.

AdGoggle is a mobile app that pays users passive recurring income when they and their social networks view ads on the app.

Many communities have attempted to profit from advertising revenue with ideas like these, but none have ever succeeded.  In my opinion, timing is everything, and the ones in the past didn’t succeed because the technology wasn’t ready.

Nobody would sit in front of their PC and view ads.  It’s just not something most people will ever want to take time to do.

However, in the mobile app world, people are waiting in line-ups and always have their smartphone with them in their “idle time”.  Why not, in those moments, make some money?

Plus, with the tight integration of Facebook, there’s no lengthy sign-up, there’s no chasing after people--there’s just sharing a cool concept that’s absolutely free.

Make your social network profitable.

Mainstream media advertising is dying, and moving towards online and mobile apps.

Read my rant from last week on the Colorado Massacre:

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Make your social network profitable.

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