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Thursday, July 19, 2012

8 Simple Questions that Can Transform Your Consciousness!

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Hi there everyone!!

What do we all do most of the time during our lives?  Eat?  Sleep?

Actually, we spend most of our time talking to ourselves.

We talk to ourselves all the time...  While we’re waiting in line, walking down the street, using the washroom, or even in a conversation with someone else!  (Are you saying anything to yourself right now?)

Some gurus teach that we want to have no thoughts, and be completely present to what it is we’re doing.

While that may be appropriate for when we’re in an activity (like a conversation, or watching a movie), I feel there are idle times when it can be very beneficial to talk to ourselves.

Like most things in life, talking to ourselves is neither good nor bad.  The question is, are we doing it effectively in an empowering way?  These are examples of how to have the best conversation with yourself.

In your idle times of thought this week, consider asking yourself some questions you may have never asked yourself before.  And genuinely take the time to answer them in your thoughts.  Our brain is the most powerful processor of manifestation, and we can shift our consciousness immediately, if we only remember to ask a new kind of question.

Ask yourself:

1. What do I love most about my life?

2. Who am I?

3. Who am I being?

4. How do I want to think in my idle times?

5. How can I make a difference?

6. Who could I touch, move, or inspire today?

7. What's possible now that wasn't possible before?

8. What question could I ask myself that I have never asked before?

Given enough persistence and determination, the mind will always come up with new answers.  Where would you like to take yourself today?

"Successful people ask better questions,
and as a result, they get better answers."
- Tony Robbins

Happy Thinking!!

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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