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Monday, June 7, 2010 are in a hypnotic state...

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Hey there Zombies!!

When someone is hypnotized, they will do something (without realizing it), based on an external trigger (like a pre-programmed word/phrase).

Even when you tell them that they “hopped like a frog for 2 minutes”, they will have no recollection of it, and possibly deny it (until they see recorded evidence).

We are often in a state of hypnosis when it comes to global matters...  so much so that we've been given a trigger not to talk about particular subjects.  Why is it that some say we shouldn’t bring up religion or politics in certain circles?

World politics affect daily economics for everybody, yet people are selfishly conditioned to focus on their personal finances, instead of addressing underlying monetary policies and the corrupt banking cartel.

Muslims are being falsely blamed and illegally tortured for a false-flag terrorist attack on September 11, yet many people will focus on their own daily inconveniences -- until their own immediate family is abruptly detained without a warrant.

Logic doesn’t work for those who are hypnotized.  We need to “snap people out of it” by being bold, using humor, or even resorting to foul language.  (It is another triggered diversion to argue inappropriateness instead of acknowledging a much deeper awareness of humanity.)

Of course, you are not a zombie.  So, don’t get triggered by phrases like “conspiracy theory” or use it as your excuse to deny an unfavorable reality.

Wake people up.  We have our humanity to reclaim.

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Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, Blind Visionary

P. S. “One person can’t make a difference” is another socially engineered reaction that perpetuates apathy.  Snap yourself out right now and share this e-mail with everyone you know.

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